Monday, March 19, 2007

Fran: Inspire Me!

Leading up to Christmas I was in a knitting frenzy; slippers, purses, fingerless gloves, oh my! By the time Christmas came I was tired of knitting! I didn’t pick up my needles for a few weeks after that. I just wasn’t inspired and I was weary of it.

Then when my Aunt went into the hospital I did start a lap blanket simply because I needed something to do that didn’t require a lot of thought. The repetitive back and forth of a stockinette stitch/garter edged blanket was sort of therapeutic for me during that time.

One day though we rushed up to the hospital straight from church and I wasn’t able to bring my knitting. Playing games on my cell phone got old very quickly so Jon ran to the store and bought us some magazines. Being the wise man that he is, he bought me a knitting magazine and a crochet magazine.

As I thumbed through the magazines I was inspired again to pick up my hook or needles. I wanted to make everything I saw! The colors were bright, the ideas were fresh and they were just what I needed to get me excited again.

That’s why I like the thought of this blog. When I see the things you’ve been knitting it inspires me to keep going too. Your color combinations or a little spin you’ve put on a pattern get my creative juices flowing. Some of us are beginners and some of us have tried a few different things now but we can all inspire each other.

It’s just like our walk as followers of Christ. When we gather together and share what the Lord is doing in our lives it inspires me to keep seeking Him. I get excited anew when I hear some wonderful thing He’s shown you in His word. When you’ve struggled with something and share with me how you’ve overcome it or gotten through it, I am encouraged and strengthened in my walk.

Whether it’s knitting or trying to live rightly, I need you to encourage and inspire me. If I need help figuring out a pattern or I need a prayer partner, it’s comforting to know you are there. If I’ve made a mistake sometimes I need help seeing it and sometimes I need help figuring out how to fix it. I could probably do this on my own but life is so much easier with good friends beside me.

I'm not trying to be preachy, I just need some inspiration. :)