Friday, November 23, 2007

Shannon: On the Needles

I love, love, love the Rowena Cardigan in "Knit 2 Together." It's the one sweater I haven't been able to get out of my head. So I made a trip down to Sonya's shop (Yorkshire Yarns) in Lakewood, and she and I spent about an hour looking through her inventory for just the right yarn. When I did settle on one, she ended up having to order it for me so I'd have enough of the same dye lot. Then, when it came in, she sent it on up to me.

If you haven't been down to Sonya's shop yet, I recommend that you make the trip. In fact, if you want, we could all do a run together. Usually those things lead to lunch afterward ... any complaints?

Here's a picture of the Rowena Cardigan. And yes, I'm making it in brown. My only hesitation right now (I'm about six inches into the left front piece) is how I can alter the pattern so it's less boxy in the waist. I want to think this through before I just go decreasing willy-nilly.

So what's everyone else knitting right now?

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Kari: Rylan Wyatt

Introducing my newest nephew, Rylan Wyatt Spellman. He was born on 7-11, 2007 and weighed only 6 lbs. That's what happens when you decide to come four weeks early! I guess he was ready to take on the world. I made this hooded blanket for him and his mommy was sweet enough to send me a photo of him all snuggled up in it.

Fran: Finally Finished My Sweater!

I started this thing last spring but got bored with it and started something else. (Actually, I got all the pieces done and just had to put it together. You know how that goes!)

Well, I didn't want the child to outgrow it before I had it finished so I thought I'd better get back to it (plus there was frost on the ground and she needs a sweater!)

The pattern is the same free Lion pattern that I used for Josh's sweater but instead of the rolled edges I knit an eyelet edging then went back and crocheted the pink into the eyelets. I like how it turned out (and so does Gracie.)

The only problem with this pattern is that the hood is never the size it needs to be for my kids. I added to it with the hope it would fit Gracie's head but I should have kept going because it's still a little short. Since it's too short I didn't tack the hood openings down like the pattern says to. Instead I left it loose and crocheted a picot edge along the neck opening to give it a finished look. Then I added ties to the hood so it will stay on if she wears it.

Here are the pics: