Monday, December 18, 2006

Fran: Felting Foray

I hadn't done any felting until a few weeks ago. I had wanted to do the Fiber Trends Felted Clogs pattern before seeing Sonya's slippers, after seeing them I simply had to make them! I ordered oodles of wool yarn from KnitPicks and waited (not very patiently I might add!) Due to the snow my order was delayed.
:( So, being the patient and longsuffering woman that I am I went to Michael's and bought some Patons Merino wool because I was going to die if I didn't knit them soon! I have done several pairs of the clogs and I have to say I really love the pattern! It's easy to do but also easy to lose your place if you get distracted. I used a sticky post it note to keep my place but after the first pair I could tell where I was if I got lost. It's pretty predictable but turns out great!

These are a few of the pairs I’ve done.
The pink/green ones aren’t felted yet but the others are. The size difference is even easier to see in person.

This bag is a pattern that Jennifer loaned me. The shaping is from the pattern but I person
alized it.
(It looks red and green but it's really a reddish brown. ) I made it as a gift for Jon’s step mom but it’s so darn cute I’m having a hard time parting with it! I need to just wrap it up and put it under the tree before I have to think of something else for her.

So, there are some of my latest projects. Is there anyone on this blog besides Kari, Sonya and myself? I know you’re knitting! Aren’t you going to share?


Blogger Kari said...

Hi Fran,
I must say, you have to be the world's fastest knitter! I don't know how you get all this whipped out so quickly. I'm at a stale mate with that dern purse so I moved on to a pillow. It's in three pieces so today I'll try to put it all together. I'd love to get that clog pattern, where can I find it?

Fri Dec 22, 11:09:00 AM 2006  
Blogger Fran said...

I bought it through but they have it pretty much everywhere. It's Fiber Trends and they are a pretty popular company (and in Spokane! Do you think they allow field trips?) If you need me to help you more with your bag (or even finish it for you) I am happy to help.

Sat Dec 23, 02:01:00 PM 2006  
Blogger Sonya Kaye said...

*sigh* i had my 1st felting bomb this past Christmas day. it was a hat i made for my daughter. back to the drawing board!

now YOUR stuff is TIGHT. very nicely done.

Kari, I was going to fax my clog pattern but my fax maching went belly-up. i hope to get up that way VERY soon. i'll bring it w/me then.

Tue Dec 26, 10:20:00 AM 2006  
Blogger Kari said...

You are so sweet to offer to finish that purse. I bet you could crochet those handles on in a matter of minutes.......but the whole thing has brought me to tears! LOL Thanks pal.

Tue Dec 26, 10:28:00 PM 2006  

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